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Other Campaigns


Single-use plastics ban under threat - We fought to ban many single-use plastics in Europe but the plastic industry is trying to water down the law.

Bailouts? Yes, for people and the planet! - Now is the time to radically and rapidly make our economies greener, fairer, and more resilient to future shocks.

Moratorium on Gene Drive Organisms - With 200 organisations, we're calling for a moratorium on the release of gene drive organisms to protect biodiversity.

Let’s try Universal Basic Income for Europe now - Asking the EU to start a pilot program to test the idea of Universal Basic Income.


Stop fake green - We must exclude fossil fuels from receiving recovery funds. EU green investments must not be ‘fake green’.

EU: Investigate abuse against migrants - Infringement procedure against Greece for its systematic breach of EU law in its treatment of migrants.

Stop subsidising industrial farming - Invest in farming that is good for our health and for nature instead.

Support activists trying to stop pesticides!​ - Pesticide rebels being silenced with intimidating lawsuits.

Make COVID-19 medicines and vaccines affordable! - Treatments and vaccines paid for by taxpayers should accessible for all.

Stop Nenskra - The hydro plant is to be built in a precious valley, destroying the pristine environment.

Europe, support a free Belarus - The people of Belarus have the right to decide on their future and freely elect their leader.

Let’s tax the wealthy and corporations to fund the recovery - A coronavirus recovery paid for the wealthiest that fights harmful tax practices.

Global solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter - Solidarity with Black people in the USA and throughout the diaspora, and Indigenous peoples

Train travel for all - Demanding better assistance for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility during train travel

Humanity first - Asking for a humanitarian response to refugee crisis on the Greece-Turkey border

Tell your MEPs: Stand up for our health – Don’t recycle hazardous lead waste! - Twitter action asking MEPs to stop lead-contaminated PVC being recycled!


Act like it's an emergency! - Call for bold climate action in the EU

I support love - Solidarity with the LGBT+ community in Poland

No LIbra: stop Facebook money - Block the introduction of private currency Libra

Romanian forest ranger killed - demand justice! - After the killing of Liviu Pop, we demand that Romanian authorities make sure prosecutors investigating the case are independent.

Celebrate the mosaic of Europe - Our way of life does not need protecting from migrants-- it needs equality and respect for human dignity and human rights

Tell us where our food comes from - Call for a mandatory declaration of origin for all food products

Let them dock - Grant safe port and disembarkation for rescue vessels in European waters

EU - Hold a climate emergency summit now - EU must adopt a binding target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 and show ambition by enhancing your 2030 target to 65% emission reductions

Support Austria's ban on glyphosate! - Urge the European Commission to resist Bayer-Monsanto’s lobbyists and uphold Austria’s ban

For an EU climate leader - Reject any candidate for the European Commission Presidency who does not have a climate action agenda

Show the world you voted - Pledge to vote in the 2019 European election

End the cage age ECI - Stop inhumane treatment of farm animals

Stop industrial farming - Industrial farming is bad for animals, the environment, and our health

Stop MEPs from voting away your democracy - Vote against new regulation on the European Citizens’ Initiative

Rights for people, rules for corporations - Stop giving special rights to corporations

Protect whistleblowers in the EU - Fight for strong protections for whistleblowers


EU: Protect food safety, not industry secrets - Transparency in food production

Fathers on leave - Support the new work/life balance directive

Ecomark: let's make Primark go green - Make Primark ecofriendly

MEPs: Fix the single-use plastics law! - Fix the proposed EU law on plastic marine litter

Save baby antarctic penguins from starvation - Save wilderness habitats for penguins, whales and other precious species

Univlever, clean up Kodaikanal - Clean up Kodaikanal to global standards

For a Europe of solidarity - Rescuing human lives has to be a priority

People's climate case - Solidarity with people whose lives and livelihoods are threatened by climate change

H&M keep your promises  - Pay living wage and guarantee fair employment conditions

Justice for forest defenders  - Drop all charges against the forest activists

Bring Zuckerberg to the EU parliament - Take action now